Rare Plants Group Species

The Species we Look After

We monitor these species, counting and mapping their occurrences. Following this exercise, we put in place appropriate site maintenance programmes. We record all our information about each plant and produce reports at suitable intervals.

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Apium repens
Apium repens, Creeping Marshwort
Apium graveolens
Apium graveolens, Wild Celery
Aristolochia clematitis
Aristolochia clematitis, Birthwort
Carex vulpina
Carex vulpina, True Fox-sedge
Cynoglossum germanicum
Cynoglossum germanicum, Green Hound's-tongue
Filago pyramidata
Filago pyramidata, Broad-leaved Cudweed
Gentianella anglica
Gentianella anglica, Early Gentian
Pulsatilla vulgaris
Pulsatilla vulgaris, Pasqueflower
Salvia pratensis
Salvia pratensis, Meadow Clary
Thlaspi perfoliatum
Thlaspi perfoliatum, Cotswold Penny-cress
Viola persicifolia
Viola persicifolia, Fen Violet
Veronica praecox
Veronica praecox, Breckland Speedwell